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Meet the trainer

Ashley is a personal trainer who is focused on getting specific results for each individual client. With the bewildering array of fitness and nutritional information widely available everywhere you look, she will ensure your personal training experience is designed in such a way your own health and fitness goals are achievable and you get the results you desire. 

Sustainable healthy long term weight loss and progressive strength and conditioning training are two fields Ashley is very passionate about in coaching clients for a healthy body and mind. She believes fitness related health benefits can flow into many aspects of life and getting to grasps with maximising your own fitness will enhance many life experiences - both physical and mental. With the quick pace of life these days it is important to achieve balance and she believes simple effective training designed specifically for you will give the achievable results you desire.

Ashley’s passion in the world of fitness and the influence of lifestyle choices became something she embarks on the journey to continually learn more about from travelling around more than 50 countries around the world experiencing different cultures, food sources and exercise regimes. She is very passionate about clients maintaining a strong healthy body to embrace their life to the fullest.

Advice: As they say tomorrow never comes, do not put off til tomorrow what you can do today...

Quote: "Where there is nothing to lose by TRYING, but a great deal to GAIN by being SUCCESSFUL, by all means TRY"

Ashley Pearson | Personal Training EQF - REPs | RYT 200 Yoga Alliance  | Precision Nutrition L1

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